About Us

The NonFiction Photo Foundation has been a stage for art with a mission since 2003. It wants to offer this in such a way that everyone benefits.

NonFiction Photo believes in the power of exhibitions, education, talent and entrepreneurship. In view of that, NonFiction Photo presents and produces photography exhibitions and, as a reference point, uses its Manifesto.

Team members
NonFiction Photo Festival
Andrea Hooymans

Artistic and Business Director

Our leader believes that art can change the world. With images and words, she fights for the NFP community and an engaging photo festival. Goal; world domination, practise; fun, learning and substantive discussions.

Fred Dijkstra

Financial Agent

Money man with a love for numbers and structure. Goes through the tedious process of taking care of back end of the creative process. Our 'master of coin': would not miss him for the world!

Marlie Wabeke

Head Hospitality

Marlie believes in joint responsibility for the world around us. Due to her versatility, she can help others when needed and thus supports the creative process.

Dries Verbeke
Dries Verbeke

Master Builder

Self-taught artist and designer with a cause: turns discarded materials into festival deco, interior design and of course inspiring exhibitions. Secretly wants to change the world.

Aline Eclair

Financial Agent

As a half-marathonist, Aline knows how to keep things running. In her role as our event coordinator, she is the one responsible to connect the dots between the company, visitors and sponsors. Good vibes and inspiring experiences guaranteed!

Rao Shan

Event Coordinator Intern

A dreamer, idealist, life enthusiast. Introverted but passionate. Obsessed with film, photography, literature, feminism, and gender studies. Genuinely into capturing the moment with her analogue camera. Always ready for meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Persephone Michou

Communication Agent

As a volunteer at the 2021 edition of the Festival, she wanted to get more involved with the team. She is a design expert and a lover of analogue photography. She takes part in the communication activities and is mainly responsible for the feta cheese supply at our office.

Qiao Zhao

Content Creator Intern

Film student who loves photography and numbers! She’s a listener most of the time, and always curious about new things, interesting stories, and different voices. Also loves travelling to the darkest corners of the Earth. Ze is meestal een luisteraar en altijd nieuwsgierig naar nieuwe dingen, interessante verhalen en verschillende stemmen. Houdt ook van reizen naar de donkerste uithoeken van de aarde.

Xiaofei Guan

Marketing Intern

From film to photography, everything that records what has happened or is happening physically or mentally in the world is her interest. Supporting as a bridge between the artists and the market. A creator, a traveller and believes in action. Ondersteunen als brug tussen de artiesten en de markt. Een schepper, een reiziger en gelooft in actie.

Ginger Patcharasoravut

Content Creator Intern

A student of arts and culture, focussing on photography and the Anthropocene. Lives and breaths for analogue photography, always impatient to get the results. Mostly cares about trees and animals while also working her way to see, even if slightly, better lives for all, humans included. Leven en adem voor analoge fotografie, altijd ongeduldig om de resultaten te krijgen. Ze geeft vooral om bomen en dieren, terwijl ze ook haar best doet om, ook al is het maar een beetje, een beter leven voor iedereen te zien, inclusief de mens.

NonFiction Photo Festival
Dennis Lapré


A real veteran in the business of photography. He is also experienced in teaching both at the Noorderpoort College as well as at the Alfa College in Groningen. During the Academy tours he will talk about how a photo is made.

NonFiction Photo Festival
Marion Verwey


A social animal, Marion loves taking photographs as much as she loves talking about them. She gives guided tours during the exhibition from the photographer's perspective.

Joost Nuijten

Photographer and Web Master

Loves to take pictures from the backstage. As a tour guide, he emphasizes the photographer's working method. You might see him at the opening behind the piano!

Bert Donker
Bert Donker

Talent Coach

Known for epic evaluations and effective brainstorms. Bert watches over the educational components of the organization. With a background in psychology, training and stress management, he keeps us on the right and narrow path.

Danny Martinez


Likes to tell stories visually. Passionate about photography, videography and animation. He uses these to spread the message. Also loves to connect with people while on this mission.

Edward Freije

Audiovisual Intern

Visual designer in the making fueled by a healthy dose of caffeine and eierballen. Draws his inspiration from walks through the parks and weekly cinema visits alike. Always does his best to think differently.

Bastian Lasatira

Audiovisual Intern

Has a passion for photography, videography and animations and is always on the lookout to learn new ways to make stuff.

Thijs Borcheld


That annoying journalist that always asks that critical question you are not prepared for. Knows how to turn a boring text into a true art of words. Constructive reporting should be the norm. Has the urge to enrich oneself from as much knowledge and hagelslag as possible.

Tamara Kanner

Podcast Creator

A curly girl who is always striving to be more creative than the day before. She supports our mission by creating innovative content.

Maurits Wagensveld

Production Agent

Looking to expand his horizon by learning as many new skills as he can! He's excited, unorganized, and hands on. Give him a time and a place and he will be 30 mins late, but he will be there. Giving his all.

Lisa Bockius

Production Agent

An Art History Student who is passionate about visual arts and loves creating and crafting herself, whether it is knitting, crocheting, painting or analogue photography. Seeing the final result of a project makes her happy. Always interested in learning new things and getting to know new people and their stories.

Marta Ferraro

Production Agent

Shy at first but enthusiastic and creative with a strong urgency of expression. Always ready for new challenges to pursue a better understanding of the world. Her camera constantly with her to capture the moment.

Former team members
Mariejanne van Dijk

Education Agent 2021

Ewa Pradzynska-Kostecka

Volunteer coordinator 2021

Lissy Voß

Communication Agent 2021

Viktor Gelbukh

Publicity Agent 2021

Sandra Mako Sanchez

Marketing Agent 2021

Grytsje Suze Abma

Exhibition Design 2021

Denis Ghisalberti

Marketing Agent 2021

Elizabeth Stepanova

Publicity Agent 2021

Emil Borgesius

Consultant 2017 - 2021

Iris Ketelaar

Redactor 2020 - 2021

Shomisha Elaguani

Production Intern 2021

Soraya ter Horst

Production Intern 2021

Olmo Asmussen

Production Agent 2021

Patrick van der Weerd

Videographer 2021

Lisa Edberg

Graphic Designer 2021

Soraya ter Horst

Production Intern 2021

Sohui Kim

Marketing Agent 2021

Charlotte Sievers

Diversity Agent 2021

Ilenia Trevisin

Graphic Designer '19 - '20

Amber Barelds

Volunteer coordinator '19 - '20

Kim Dumoré

Publicity intern 2020

Julia Castro

Communication Agent 2020

Danielle Jacson

Production Agent 2020

Kirsten van der Ploeg

Photography intern 2020

Esther Gerritsma

Education intern 2020

Kirsten Smit

Education intern 2020

Kinga Lechowska

Production Agent 2020

Sofia Manouki

Redactor 2020

Margot Kok

Education agent 2019

Pablo ter Borg
Pablo ter Borg

Graphic Designer 2019

Mitra Hoviat Talab

PR Agent 2019

Jethro Bijleveld

Photographer '17 - '19

Bas Baas

Coach Journalism 2019

Sanne malcorps
Sanne Malcorps

Communication Agent 2019

Camilla Spadari

Publicity Agent '18 - '19

Thomas Ansell

PR Agent '18 - '19

Marion Stoffels

Content creator 2019

Rinnert Veldman
Rinnert Veldman

Coach Design 2019

Srinidhi Desikan

PR Agent 2019

Finn Siebelink

Web developer 2019

Sander Vermeulen

Head Designer 2018

Wiktoria Klara Walęcka
Wiktoria Walecka

Production Agent 2018

Chiara Tammaro

Production Agent 2018

Ingrid Bell

Publicity Agent 2018

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