Fair Fashion Exhibition

Everyone needs to dress. The clothing industry is one of the largest in the world. Nowadays, however, fashion cannot be separated from the environment and human rights. This exhibition explores the world of fast fashion and the solutions offered by fair fashion. 

On the side of fast fashion, the production chain of the fashion industry was mapped out using images by Ismael Ferdous and Pieter van den Boogert. An important conclusion emerges from this production chain: only if producers, brands and consumers work together can the chain be transformed into a cyclical and therefore sustainable model. In the Netherlands we are already working on this. To this end, photographers Sebastiaan RodenhuisDennis Lapré and Andrea Hooymans captured the stories of Groningen consumers and producers.

This exhibition can be seen as part of the NonFiction Photo Festival, from 12 November – 5 December in the Synagoge Groningen

Production chain

Ismail Ferdous is from Bangladesh, where the collapse of Rana Plaza happened in 2013. This disaster is the most violent the world has ever seen but has also been the starting point for a change in the fashion industry towards fair wages, working conditions, environmentalism and transparency.


In this context, Pieter van den Boogert shows a triptych between Bangladesh, the Netherlands and Ghana. Part of the clothing stream is made, consumed and reused in these places respectively. However, reuse and recycling do not appear to provide all the answers that the huge clothing production demands.


As a consumer, you vote with your money, in this way you have a very direct influence on what sells successfully. Sebastiaan Rodenhuis portrayed sneaker collector Wessel, fashionista Jantine and vintage king Franky about their love for clothes. As a counterpoint, Dennis Lapré and Andrea Hooymans joined forces to investigate how entrepreneurs in Groningen are working on fair fashion; from sewing techniques at Verknipt to algae pigment by Tjeerd Veenhoven.

Exhibiting Photographers

Pieter van den Boogert | What We Wear, Keff & Dessing Publishing

Ismail Ferdous | Cost of Fashion

Andrea Hooymans | Fair Fashion, NonFiction Photo

Dennis Lapré | Fair Fashion, NonFiction Photo

Sebastiaan Rodenhuis | Fair Fashion, NonFiction Photo

Marion Verwey | Fair Fashion, NonFiction Photo

Production Team

Andrea Hooymans | curator 

Dries Verbeke | master builder

Grytsje Suze Abma | design and production

Lisa Edberg | graphic design

Ewa Pradzynska-Kostecka | production coordination

Iris Ketelaar | research and editor

Marta Ferraro | research and production

William Derrah | research

Olmo Asmussen | production

Maurits Wagensveld | production

Lissy Voß  | production talent track 

Shomisha Elaguani | production talent track 

Soraya ter Horst | production intern

With a little help from

Sponsors and funding

Kunstraad Groningen




Special thanks to

Groningen Fair Fashion (GROFF) | Dymph Dressen | graphic designer  | design 

Groningen Fair Fashion (GROFF) | Gea Jaeggi | artist | advice

Karlijn Hartsema | student | research

Kadir van Lohuizen | photographer | advice

KOKO TOKO | Amber Crommelin | entrepreneur | advice

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