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Fair Fashion portrait: Franky

‘’Vintage clothes are unique, have character and are of better quality”

Franky Hospers (30) only buys his clothes second-hand. The racks in his room are filled only with vintage pieces. He’s always looking for gems and often finds them via Vinted. ‘’Why buy a new €300 boatman’s coat when you can get one for €9 at a thrift store?’’

By Sebastiaan Rodenhuis

Old is what counts to Franky. His clothes take you back in time. To a period where much was still made by hand, with attention to quality fabrics. That’s what it’s all about. ‘’Clothes have to be vintage for me. The designs are more original and the finish is nicer,” he says. His love for old clothes has resulted in a large collection of unique pieces.

NonFiction Photo Festival

This collection is constantly growing. Currently, he is addicted to vintage tailored suits. He searches for gems every week, but doesn’t buy every item. On average, he gets one suit every three weeks. ‘’Because it really has to be an addition to what he already has. My collection is quite large, and saturation is starting to set in. But I can keep buying consciously, because it is not newly produced.” He is therefore opposed to fast fashion, buying lots of new clothes at a rapid pace. He longs for the fashion standards of the 60s and 70s. People were very conscious about their purchases back then. People bought less, but of better quality. Today, the pace is faster, people give in to the urge to buy,” he says.

NonFiction Photo Festival

According to Franky, both the consumer and the producer must make steps towards a sustainable world. With an eye for human conditions, quality clothing and limiting the urge to buy. But that is not easy. ”It has to come from both sides,” he says. ‘’As a consumer, it is important that you make a sensible choice, but then that option must be offered by the producer. That happens too little now. But just buying second-hand clothes can make a big difference.”

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