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Fair Fashion portrait: Jantine

I can shop in my own wardrobe”

A colourful collection of dresses, shoes and other pretty things. The wardrobe of Jantine Verver is full of them. She shops at the larger chains, but also at the thrift shops. As long as it fits well, feels good and is of good quality.

By Sebastiaan Rodenhuis

‘’I have a bit of everything,’’ says Jantine. Her collection is displayed in two wardrobes and a shoe cabinet.  The passion for clothes started in her teens and has only grown since. Clothing means more to Jantine than just outward show. ‘’It is a way of expressing myself and a hobby at the same time. Some people watch series, I like to style myself and wear something different every day.”

She goes through the clothes racks in the city almost every week looking for gems. If she sees the word ‘sale’, she finds it hard not to take a look. ‘’Then I’m triggered to see if there is something for a bargain. It feels good when I find something nice for not very much money. Once she has acquired a taste for it, she really goes for it. She buys clothes in series. Last year, she had her sights set on long dresses. “Then I would buy one every month,” she says.

But along the way her love for second-hand clothes has grown. ‘’I am getting further and further away from fast fashion. I am happier with thrift store clothes. They are often unique pieces that nobody else has. And it is of course more sustainable.” Her collection keeps growing. She finds it difficult to give clothes away. Sometimes it goes to friends or to a thrift shop.

Although as a consumer, she does her best not to buy too many new clothes. According to Jantine a big responsibility lies with the fashion chains. ‘’The producer will always think of marketing. If they advertise new clothes, we as consumers will usually follow anyway.” But she also thinks that as a buyer you can do your bit. “Look more often on second-hand clothes sites or visit a thrift shop. If we want to buy more sustainably, the industry will adjust their offer accordingly.”

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