The International Student Night is back! Amidst the World Press Photo 18 exhibition, we will have tours, drinks, workshops and a lecture by none other than famous photographer Giulio Di Sturco!

This evening, we’d like to focus on human rights: the right to freedom, safety, choice and identity. Come and celebrate with us.


19.30 – 19.45 Walk in
19.45 – 20.00 Welcome
20.00 – 20.45 Lecture
20.45 – 21.00 Break
21.00 – 22.00 Carousel workshops, discussion and tours


Giulio Di Sturco won second prize in the World Press Photo 18, Contemporary Issues category (singles). His work, ‘More than a Woman’ is about gender re-assignment. “Thailand leads the world as a medical tourism destination, with gender-affirming surgery forming a strong niche. The use of new technologies and procedures is also often given as a reason for Thailand’s popularity among people seeking treatment for gender dysphoria.”
Di Sturco will tell all about how he made the series, his trip to Thailand and why he made this work.
We thank the Creative Hub (powered by Canon Nederland) at Hanzehogeschool for bringing this wonderful photographer to Groningen.


Our wonderful photographers Sven Sleur and Joost Nuijten will teach you some tricks in photography. Who are you in 2D? You decide. Here’s how to.


One of the main themes in World Press Photo 18 is migration. We’d like to take you on a journey along the most important images which tell that tale.
With many thanks to SIB Groningen for helping us choose the pictures to illustrate this tour.


Loved the lecture and still have lots of questions? Sit down with Di Sturco and ask away!

Why we did it

During the past few years a lot of changes have happened in the marvellous city of Groningen. A big part of this change is the presence, more and more prominent, of international students and intellectuals that are attracted to Groningen by its cultural investments and many opportunities. All the festivals, exhibitions, lectures and installations happening are also increasing throughout the city and the truth is, everybody is happy and excited about this. We, as NonFiction Photo, would like to celebrate and embrace this change and this community as it’s happening in the city.


Check below for pictures from last year by Jethro Bijleveld.

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