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Want to intern with us?

At the end of the yearwe will be organizing the NonFiction Photo Festival, featuring the World Press Photo Exhibition in Groningen. There are a lot of preparations to do and you could be part of that process!

As an intern with NFP you are part of a creative community with regular meetups, workshops and one-on-one meetings to help monitor your process. Next to formulating and managing your own goals, you will meet new people, learn a lot about photojournalism and will see how a big event is organized. We are MBO certified for taking interns and welcome interns for MBO, HBO and WO.

We are open to any intern project suggestions, but we can give you an idea of positions that usually find a place with us:

  • photographers | portraits, documentary, studio, campaigns and archive management | MBO, HBO, WO
  • videographers | backstage, campaigns, stories and graphics | MBO, HBO, WO
  • marketeers | research, content creation, data, promotion and PR | HBO, WO
  • organizers | promo events, traveling exhibitions and the Academy International Student Night | HBO, WO
  • designers | building exhibition objects, production crew and traveling exhibitions | MBO, HBO, WO
  • writers | exhibition research, content creation, press releases and scripts | HBO, WO


The internship will take place at the Biotoop, Haren. The office is open five days a week from 10.00 – 18.00. Depending on your internship requirements you will be here a set amount of days and times. We can offer a maximum of 35 hours per week (7 hours a day, 5 days a week). Internships can take weeks or the whole year; we are open to anything. We only do not take new interns between october and december as the festival is on around that time.

Assignments and guidance

Equipment like computers, software and cameras is available, but it is handy if you have your own gear. We work with project management software Trello and cusom make assignments for everyone, with room for your own assignments if needed. You can be involved in a complete process from concept to execution and work either in teams or alone.

We have professional guidance availabe four to five days a week (depending on which type of internship) in the fiels of photography, spatial design, graphic design, marketing, management, writing and exhibition making.

End product

What you create during your internship will be part of the NonFiction Photo Festival at the end of the year. If you intern during the festival you will be part of running the festival and if you intern before that you will be helping to create content, objects or services that will be part of the festival programme and/or promotion.

If you finish the internship program and did well, you will receive a letter of recommendation on behalf of the NFP foundation.
Got excited to participate? Sign up anytime by sending an email to our talent coordinator Marlie!

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