Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not with us? Talent is the future. Therefore, we try to provide a breeding-ground for talent in the categories of photography, journalism and spatial design. We ‘upgrade’, and you ‘upgrade’.

| Photography: a special 2020 photo team with three feedback moments
| Journalism: single assignments for articles and translation for writers
| Design: special day-projects for building exhibition objects for designers and builders

The trajectories start the second half of August and continue till the beginning of December. Depending on how quick you work and how much you attract, this trajectory takes up around two days of work per week. You’ll have meetings at the Biotoop with a coach. You can work at the Biotoop at the office or the workplace; but working at home is possible too!


Apply to a made-to-match personal upgrade the summer of 2021!

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The talent trajectory is meant for everyone who intends to develop themselves. The trajectory is designed for students and starters. We are also open to autodidacts with a portfolio. Come and show us what you've got!

Photography Dutch and English

Do you want to gain more experience in portrait photography, reportage and more? Coach Dennis Lapré will teach you everything, from technique and composition to analyzingphotographs. You will also get feedback of your work from the marketing department and your peers.

Journalism Dutch

With the guidance of coach Bas Baas you will learn to write press releases and news articles through workshops and assignments. There is also room for your own projects, within the categories interviews, reviews and reportage.

Spatial design Dutch and English

As a design team member you help to realize the exhibitions of NonFiction Photo. You will be working with the designer, master builder and curator; and you can pitch your own project to realize.

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