Do you have an ambition to work in education? Then why not come and gain experience at the World Press Photo exhibition in Groningen! We are looking for someone who can strengthen our educational team as an Education Officer. One of our goals as an organization is making sure that all young talent can find valuable working experience in our inspired and enthusiastic team! It is possible to use this position as a work-placement.

The exhibition will be held in November and December of this year, and so there’s lots of preparation to do! You’ll work on the project for around four months, which will break down thus: May and June will be lesson-preparing, October/November you’ll be working with the volunteer team at the Biotoop in Haren, as well as being the location manager at the Synagogue Groningen.

Needless to say, we also offer social opportunities, with a monthly volunteers meet-up, lots of opportunities to meet people, a great team, and lots of chances to learn.

Working Tasks and Requirements

You’ll be writing and preparing the lesson plans for this year, and making the hand-out that our volunteers use when training our education team. During the exhibition, you’ll be active as the location manager at the World Press Photo and NonFiction Photo exhibition (according to a roster depending on your availability). You’ll be asked to work to deadline, and then can work either from home or our offices, depending on your preference. You’ll also have the opportunity to give tours at the exhibition.

We are looking for someone studying in the field of education, preferably in the area of culture, and we hope to find someone that is near the end of their degree (this can function as an internship). We seek someone that can write well in both Dutch and English, and can work to specific requirements. We would also like you to be creative, have an eye for detail, can work under your own steam, and stand open for feedback. As an Educational Officer you’ll be part of our education team. You’ll work closely with both our graphic designers (for your material), and the curator (who also acts as a final editor) for the lessons. Along with our volunteer co-ordinator, you’ll organize and give training sessions for education volunteers.



  • Re-writing lessons, so that they refer to the images in the World Press Photo Exhibition 2020 (these will be delivered in July)
  • Make hand-outs for volunteers with information about the images in the exhibition
  • Translate the handout
  • Join actively with ideation sessions, and help develop ideas for volunteer education
  • Meet with both the curator and graphic designers around the production of your lessons
  • Contribute to the sales of the educational package
  • Support promotion of the educational package
  • Be a part-time location manager during the exhibition: 13 November – 6 December

Qualities and qualifications

  • Enthusiastic and buys into the vision of NonFicitonPhoto
  • Practical thinker that can work under their own steam
  • A team player
  • Affinity and/or experience for photography and journalism
  • You have konledge of and experience with the education system, including VO, MBO, HBO, and WO
  • Can write creatively
  • Creative and communicative, both spoken and written, in both Dutch and English
  • No 9-5 Mentality
  • A qualification in the area of (cultural) education, at least at HBO level

What does this position offer?

You’ll work both by yourself and in a team, and the team meets regularly for a meeting and social. The event period is closed off with a celebratory dinner of thanks, and thanks to short lines of communication and a flat management structure there is lots of room for creativity.

  • An enthusiastic and dynamic organization that cares for its volunteers
  • The chance to join an ideological initiative, and a lovely team
  • The chance to develop yourself and get work experience
  • The chance to meet (well-known) photographers and network with our partner organisations
  • The chance to join in our training programme for education volunteers
  • The chance to join in our ‘Talent workshops’ around journalism and/or photography
  • A peek behind the scenes of an important Groninger cultural event
  • Free entry to all NFP events, including the VIP opening and Academy Programme
  • A volunteers stipend of €400-680 over the four months
  • A letter of recommendation (if you have completed the training programme)
  • An invitation to both the team thank-you dinner and volunteers party

Availability requirements

  • From May 18 to mid-June, you are available 2 or 3 days a week to make the lessons
  • In October you are available for training
  • In November/December you are available as a location manager during the exhibition

Aside from this, as a team-member we hope you can also help us with the build-up (9-12 November) and the set-down (6 and 7 December). The grand opening is on November 12, and promotional evenings will also occur


Interested? Then send your CV and Motivation Letter before Sunday 10 May to Andrea Hooyman (NFP Director) via Interviews will take place on Thursday 12 May between 12:00 and 17:00 in the Biotoop in Haren (Kerklaan 30)

If you are still doubting of you want to turn this job into a work placement position, please send us an e-mail and we will work something out.

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