‘Together Everybody Achieves More’. Our community is divers and that is exactly what we need. Together we know and achieve more. We love to pamper our volunteers and spend a lot of time and energy preparing workshops, trainings en meet ups. Without our volunteers, no exhibition!


As a volunteer at NFP you are part of a real volunteer community with regular meetups including a video-evening, drinks and trainings. You will meet new people, learn a lot about photojournalism and will see how a big event is organized.

Other advantages:

  • Enthusiastic and dynamic organization which values its volunteers
  • The opportunity to be a part of an ideological initiative and a fun team of volunteers
  • The opportunity to develop yourself and gain relevant work experience
  • The opportunity to meet (famous) photographers and the opportunity to expand your network with partner organisations and photographers.
  • The opportunity to participate in the training programs for education volunteers to give guided tours of the exhibition
  • A peek behind the scenes of a cultural event with 6000 to 8000 visitors
  • Free entrance to all NFP events, including the VIP opening, guided tours and lectures
  • A letter of recommendation on behalf of NFP (provided that you finished the training program)
  • An invitation to the closing party for volunteers in December

Our education volunteers guide the visitors and groups around the exhibition. With lots of enthusiasm they interact with the visitors in the exhibition’s living room and they provide them with the necessary information. They meet groups at the desk and man the wardrobe.

Note that the school tours will be given in Dutch, for this reason we have a maximum of 2 English speaking education volunteers.

The Front Desk volunteers are the ones to welcome and inform visitors at their arrival. They sell tickets at the front desk and manage the exhibition and the building.

Do you have something to offer? We are always looking for people with superpowers in PR, photography, graphic design and everything that we didn’t even know we needed.

Love to participate? Sign up before October 5 by sending an e-mail to Amber via vrijwilligers@nonfictionphoto.nl. Please include your phone number and let us know which team you would like to join and what languages you speak. If you have any doubts or other questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help you.


World Press Photo Exhibition team 2019

Zilveren Camera Front Desk team 2019

World Press Photo team 2018

World Press Photo Exhibition Education team 2019

World Press Photo Exhibition Front Desk team 2019

Zilveren Camera team 2019

Zilveren Camera Education team 2019

World Press Photo Education team 2018

World Press Photo Front Desk team 2018

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