Platform for art with a mission

We’re working on a secret mission to take over the world! But, until then, we’re trying to provide a platform for art with a mission, in a way so that everyone benefits.

NonFiction Photo believes in the power of exhibitions, education, talent and entrepreneurship. In view of that, NonFiction Photo presents and produces photography exhibitions and use our manifesto as a reference point.

NonFiction Photo produces locally themed exhibition and presents existing ones like the World Press Photo Exhibition. These exhibitions enter into a dialogue as part of the NonFiction Photo Festival; the very best in press photography from around the globe meets its local answer. Also check out our exhibition archive.

Education for all ages

Academy knowledge is power

Talent learn, experience, exhibit

Volunteers heroes

Exhibitions local and international


No exhibition without an office team and heaps of fresh coffee

Andrea Hooymans Managing & Artistic Director

Our creative jack-of-all-trades believes art can change the world. With images and words, she fights for the NFP community and an engaging photo festival. Goal; world domination, of course.

Fred Dijkstra Head of Finance

Moneyman with a love of numbers and structure. Goes through the tedious process of taking care of the back end of the creative process. Would not miss him for the world!

Marlie Wabeke Talent- and education co-ordinator

Marlie believes in a joint responsibility for the world around us. With her versatility she can help others when needed and supports the creative process.

Amber Barelds Event- and volunteer coordinator

Freshly graduated but already in the game for some time. Aims to let as many people as possible, young and old, experience art and culture.

Kim Dumoré Publicity Coordinator

As an office newbie, she arranges the promotion of the festival. In addition to her study, she works at NonFiction Photo, because she believes in the power of independent journalism and the visual story

Emil Borgesius Consultant

He is our consultant of many trades and keeps an eye on the business side of the organisation. Is committed to our plan of taking over the world.

Dries Verbeke Head of production

Self-taught artist and designer with a cause: turn discarded materials into festivaldeco, interior design and of course inspiring exhibitions. Secretly wants to change the world.

Julia Castro Communications coordinator

Outside the comfort zone is where everything happens. With on and offline communication she tries to change the world so everybody can join. Doing it while laughing and networking.


Danielle Jacson PR / Production

She feels at home at places where art and culture come together. Involving other people is something that comes naturally with her bright personality.

Bert Donker Coach talent

Renowned for epic evaluations and effective brainstorms, Bert watches over the educational components of the organization. With a background in psychology, training and stress management he keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Ilenia Trevisin Graphic Design

Ilenia has been with NFP as a volunteer, Talent Photography team member and now also as a graphic designer! A woman of many talents and humble ambitions, she is going places!

Iris Ketelaar Editor

Making connections is what she enjoys most. With a love for language and focus on images she knows how to connect with people. Words with meaning with a twist is what she stands for.

Sofia Manouki Writer

Story-teller adventurer who is probably sniffing books secretly, right now. Catch up with my latest obsession on:

Joost Nuijten Photographer

Loves taking back stage photographs and playing the piano. He will be giving tours of the exhibition this year!

Marion Verwey Photographer

A social animal, Marion loves taking photographs as much as talking about them. She will be giving tours on photography and the World Press Photo Exhibition 2019.

Marcel Wichers Education agent

A man of many talents, Marcel can be a guide, floor manager and technical operator. He is at home in the Synagogue so if you want to know all about this beautiful event space, he is your man.

Kinga Lechowska Production agent

Our volunteer-turned-designer Kinga has been with us for some time. Studying at University of Groningen, she hopes to put art theory to practise. For now, she is helping to build a wonderful festival experience, starting at the center of it all: the livingroom.

Kirsten van der Ploeg Intern Photography

Working on a plan to take on the world, Kirsten is at the office every day to gain more skills. She is doing a photography course at Noorderpoort in Groningen and expexts to graduate next year.

Esther Gerritsma Intern

A Minerva student, Esther is co-producing a project to bring the World Press Photo Exhibition to secondary schools this year. She hopes to end up in front of a classroom after finishing her studies in Groningen.

Kirsten Smit Intern Education

Currently studying at Minerva, Kirsten - or Kris for short - is working on an education project for schools. THis year, she will be bringing the World Press Photo Exhibition into the classroom.


Pablo ter Borg Graphic Designer '18-'19

Finn Siebelink Webdeveloper 2019

Mitra Hoviat Talab PR Agent 2020

Margot Kok Education agent 2019

Jethro Bijleveld Photographer '17 - '19

Thomas Ansell PR agent

Sanne Malcorps Communication agent '18 - '19

Marion Stoffels Content creator 2019

Camilla Spadari Publicity agent '18-'19

Sander Vermeulen Head Designer 2018

Rinnert Veldman Coach design 2019

Srinidhi Desikan PR Agent 2019

Annemarijn Vlinder Young Maker 2019

Frank Nuiver Young Makers 2019

David Vroom Young Maker 2019

Sabine Theijs Coach Jonge Makers 2019


Volunteers NonFiction Photo Festival 2020

Volunteers World Press Photo Exhibition 2019

Volunteers Zilveren Camera 2019

Volunteers World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 The whole team

Volunteers World Press Photo Exhibition 2015 The whole team

Education team World Press Photo 2019

Front Desk team World Press Photo 2019

Education team Zilveren Camera 2019

Hospitality team Zilveren Camera 2019

Exhibition team Zilveren Camera 2019

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