Platform for art with a mission

We’re working on a secret mission to take over the world! But, until then, we’re trying to provide a platform for art with a mission, in a way so that everyone benefits.

NonFiction Photo believes in the power of exhibitions, education, talent and entrepreneurship. In view of that, NonFiction Photo presents and produces photography exhibitions and use our manifesto as a reference point.

NonFiction Photo presents its own productions and, for example, the World Press Photo Exhibition. These exhibitions enter into a dialogue; the very best in press photography from around the globe meets its local answer. Also check out our exhibition archive.


How do we practise what we preach?

Education for all ages

We like to empower the world through knowledge and that's why we provide workshops, lectures and guided exhibition tours in Dutch and English. We offer an education package for VO, MBO, HBO and WO.

Academy knowledge is power

Lectures, tours, workshops and events! Celebrated photographers, journalists and researchers talk about their work and vision in both Dutch and English.

Talent new blood and old knowledge

Art with a mission, talent and ambition: the magical recipe for mischief. Exhibit your work as a young maker; or help create the exhibition via the talent trajectory First NonFiction Photo, then the world!

Volunteers heroes

From production to promotion; front desk to education: (international) students, youngsters and old-timers help us to achieve our dreams and goals! Come and join the party as a tour guide, host or expert!

Exhibitions local and international

NonFiction Photo presents the World Press Photo Exhibition and pop-up exhibitions and 'Solutions'. 'Local solutions to global problems' is inspired by current issues and solutions journalism created by young makers from the North!


No exhibition without an office team and heaps of fresh coffee

Andrea Hooymans Managing & Artistic Director

Masterminds the NonFiction Photo exhibition and education department; coordinates Talent, Academy, marketing and the team. Loves using photography as a means to tickle the imagination and working way past her bedtime.

Fred Dijkstra Head of Finance

Moneyman with a love of numbers and structure. Goes through the tedious process of taking care of the back end of the creative process. Would not miss him for the world!

Marlie Wabeke Talent- and education co-ordinator

Loves organizing and planning everything to do with our volunteers. Interested in the world which, captured in images, in all it’s beauty and horror can come really close.

Amber Barelds Event- and volunteer coordinator

Freshly graduated but already in the game for some time. Aims to let as many people as possible, young and old, experience art and culture.

Emil Borgesius Consultant

"This is it... this is where I belong..." I know everyone here... even if I've never met them, never talked to them, may never hear from them again... I know you all... You may stop me, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.

Pablo ter Borg Graphic Designer

Pablo has been with us before NonFiction Photo got its new name. He has been restyling the brand identity this year and his handywork will also be visible in the exhibition space itself.

You? Publicity agent

Send an e-mail to with CV and motivation. You can start either in May 2020 or right now.

You? Communication agent

Send an e-mail to with CV and motivation. You can start either in May 2020 or right now.


Jethro Bijleveld Photographer

Portrait photographer and human rights fanatic, Jethro has been with us for years. If you are lucky, you can catch him snapping your portrait at one of our events.

Joost Nuijten Photographer

Loves taking back stage photographs and playing the piano. He will be giving tours of the exhibition this year!

Marion Verwey Photographer

A social animal, Marion loves taking photographs as much as talking about them. She will be giving tours on photography and the World Press Photo Exhibition 2019.

Finn Siebelink Webdeveloper

Working behind the scenes, Finn worries about the stuff you don't see. And that is a good ting: trust us, we know. Thank you for taking us into the 21st century properly!

Thomas Ansell PR agent

Coming from a corporate background, Thomas is with us to add some colour to daily office life. Mixing an entrepreneurial attitude with a good dose of culture is right up our street.

Srinidhi Desikan PR Agent

This year we are taking the International Student Night to a next level. Sri is here to help us get there. A scientist herself, she is fascinated by how visual culture interacts with society.

Bert Donker Coach talent

Renowned for epic evaluations and effective brainstorms, Bert watches over the educational components of the organization. With a background in psychology, training and stress management he keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Margot Kok Education agent

Our wonderful education agent gave our education package an upgrade this year. In her journey to become a teacher, she has visited the world of photography through NonFiction Photo.

Ilenia Trevisin Graphic Design

Ilenia has been with NFP as a volunteer, Talent Photography team member and now also as a graphic designer! A woman of many talents and humble ambitions, she is going places!

Camilla Spadari Publicity agent

Mission objective: to contribute to the growth of the meaning of culture. Means: passion for photography, contemporary art, the art market.

Marcel Wichers Production

A man of many talents, Marcel can be a guide, floor manager and technical operator. He is at home in the Synagogue so if you want to know all about this beautiful event space, he is your man.

Varus the Cat Destress Agent

Call him the master of fluff, king of cats, kitten to end all kittens... Not a shirt comes by without taking the mark of his fur. You know who the real boss is around here!


Sanne Malcorps Communication agent '18 - '19

Marion Stoffels Content creator 2019

Rinnert Veldman Coach design 2019

Sander Vermeulen Head Designer 2018

Annemarijn Vlinder Young Maker 2019

David Vroom Young Maker 2019

Frank Nuiver Young Makers 2019



Volunteers World Press Photo Exhibition 2019

Volunteers Zilveren Camera 2019

Volunteers World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 The whole team

Volunteers World Press Photo Exhibition 2015 The whole team

Education team World Press Photo 2019

Front Desk team World Press Photo 2019

Education team Zilveren Camera 2019

Hospitality team Zilveren Camera 2019

Exhibition team Zilveren Camera 2019

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