Talent Track 2022

You have to start somewhere, why not with us? Talent has the future. That is why we are a breeding ground for talent in photography and spatial design. Join our Talent Track 2022 and become part of the community.

Open Call 2022! Deadline September 4th.

Send in your portfolio with Marlie via talent@nonfictionphoto.nl and apply for a spot in photography or spatial design teams. The Talent Track is open to both people studying and self-taught. It is possible to do one of the track as an internship.

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“I would like to call my trajectory 'step out of my comfort zone', which means that you learn a lot of new and useful things that you have never tried before.” – Nikky, talent design


In principle, the Talent Track consists partly of own projects and partly participating in the team. In this hybridity of education and work, you will receive feedback on your work, learn new skills and receive training and/or workshops.

By participating, you not only gain important work experience, contacts, inspirations, but you also get the chance to show your work as part of the festival! That means more than 5,000 people will see your work.


De talenttracks starten in de week van 5 september en lopen door tot begin december. Afhankelijk van hoe snel je werkt en hoeveel werk je op je neemt, neemt deze track ongeveer één tot twee dagen werk per week in beslag.

You can work at our office (Headquarters) with photo studio and workshop or on location. You are in contact with your supervisors about your personal development, you follow workshops, you participate in work discussions with fellow participants and you work on individual and group assignments. We have some available computers, harwarde and software which is free to use. Being part of the team, you can get inspired by the crazy ideas of your peer. Enough opportunities to expand your portfolio and gain professional work experience.

Talent Track Program

Talent Coaches
Talent coaches

The tracks are guided by professionals from the cultural field. As a participant you will be dealing with the exhibition curators, master builers, photographers and designers.


Join us for real life experience as a photographer. The Talent Track Photography team captures the festival from backstage up till the big exhibitions, with coaching, assignments, work reviews, and workshops.

Reportage, portraits and documentary photography assignments. Supervised by curator Andrea Hooymans and photographer Dennis Lapré.

September 1 | group application 15.00 – 17.00

October 13 | evaluation of NFP portfolio 15.00 – 17.00

Nov 13 | event photography workshop: 10.00 – 11.00 instructions, 14.00 – 15.00 work meeting

December 8/9 | evaluations and NFP portfolio presentation

A studio photography and/or street photography workshop is planned with the group.

Must be in possession of their own (SLR) camera and photo editing software. Participants can come from a photography or art education, as well as register as an autodidact; as long as the portfolio is good.

Depending on how fast you work, you will be busy half a day to a full day a week in September and October. In November it will be two days. Need more hours for an internship or ECs? We'll get there together.


Use your skills as a maker and join the exhibition team. Under the wing of the curator and master builder, you help build the festival and you will be learning about the production process, wood, metal, LED, construction skills, and spatial design.

Construct projects of exhibition objects for designers and builders. Supervised by master builder Dries Verbeke and curator Andrea Hooymans.

September 1 | group application 11.00 – 13.00

October 5 | evaluations of projects proposal

November 8 – 11 | festival build-up

December 6 | festival dismantling

December 8/9 | evaluations and NFP portfolio presentation

Depending on demand, there are options for learning welding, woodworking, graphic design and laser cutting.

Participants can come from a practical or art education, as well as register as an autodidact; as long as the portfolio is good. There is room for a maximum of 2 to 3 participants.

Depending on how fast you work, you will be busy one whole day a week in September and October. In November it will be two days. Need more hours for an internship or ECs? We'll get there together.

Talent Track Coaches

Dries Verbeke
Dries Verbeke

Coach Design

NonFiction Photo Festival
Denis Lapré

Coach Photography

NonFiction Photo Festival
Andrea Hooymans

Coach Photography

Bert Donker
Bert Donker

Talent Coach

Bas Baas

Coach Journalism 2019

Rinnert Veldman
Rinnert Veldman

Coach Design 2019

Talent Track Team 2021

Denise Speck

Talent Photography 2021

Kinga Lechowska

Talent Photography 2021

Marie-Flor Gelling

Talent Photography 2021

Marta Ferraro

Talent Photography 2021

Lissy Voss

Talent Spatial Design 2021

Somisha Elaguani

Talent Spatial Design 2021

Talent Track Team 2020

Kim Dumore

Talent Photography 2020

Julia Castro

Talent Photography 2020

Kirsten van der Ploeg

Talent Fotografie

Denis Ghisalberti

Talent Photography 2020

Shan Bultena

Talent Photography 2020

Frank van Goor

Talent Photography 2020

Nathan van Hoek

Talent Photography 2020

Talent Track Team 2019

Marion Stoffels

Talent Photography 2019

Ilenia Trevisin

Talent Photography 2019

Rene de Boer
René de Boer

Talent Photography 2019

Tessa Runau

Talent Photography 2019

Annemiek v/d Hoek

Talent Design 2019

Holly Baker

Talent Design 2019

Ayla Elzinga

Talent Journalism 2019

Eline Kuper

Talent Journalism 2019

Noor de Groot

Talent Journalism 2019


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