Future Food Expositie

Deze tentoonstelling onderzoekt de huidige status van de de voedselproblematiek in Nederland en daarbuiten. Kunstenaars, makers en fotografen uit het Noorden maken een voorstelling van hoe wij actuele voedselproblemen oplossen.

Exposanten zijn: Kadir van Lohuizen, Arjan Verschoor, Caroline Penris, Marthe van de Grift, Monika Balu, Andrea Hooymans, Dries Verbeke, Marc Paulusma en Sander van der Bij.

Future Food

The human pursuit of progress has destructive consequences for our planet. Organic seems more important than biodiversity and logistics makes less sense than ever. Our global onion exchange based on the merits of appearance is to cry for. Leftover ‘stroopwafels’ and ‘tompouces’ are fed to our pigs and our pigs are fed to us as Italian Parma ham. Meanwhile, agricultural innovation is promising. Refined seeds put the Netherlands on tables internationally 

Artists, makers and photographers from the North visualize how we solve current food problems. How do we ensure that we can eat sustainably and what makes everyday food so special? Future Food is all about new technology and newly found old ways of working. Innovative techniques such as aquaponics and vertical farming; and traditional customs such as own vegetable gardens and orchards open up our ‘canned’ view of what food really is. In a growing world with more production than ever, preventing food waste and achieving future-proof production are crucial. Future Food investigates what it means to grow and feed. But the real question is: how do we save the bees?

Exhibition Makers

Monika Balu


Sander van der Bij


Marthe van de Grift


Marc Paulusma


Arjan Verschoor


Andrea Hooymans

Curator and photographer

Niels Kooistra


Caroline Penris


Kadir van Lohuizen


Myron Hamming

Stadsdichter Groningen

Production Team

Andrea Hooymans

Curator and photographer

Dries Verbeke


Sam van Rhijn


Met dank aan

Academie Minerva | René Alberts | Werkplaats Fotografie

Groningen Fair Fashion (GROFF) | advies

Kadir van Lohuizen | fotograaf | advies

De Zevende Hemel | Michael Roman | ondernemer | advies

Teodora Hofnar


Roos van der Meulen

Becoming and artist

Lelle Peták

Production and research intern

Pieng-Or Patcharasoravut

Research intern


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NonFiction Photo Festival Groningen
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