Courses for Teachers

With our professionalization course for teachers CKV, art and citizenship you will stay informed of the latest developments in the field of social art. The course for teachers is offered by makers behind the NonFiction Photo Festival. They share their knowledge about visual culture, (press) photography and education projects.

The course consists of a lecture, interaction and a mini workshop to get started with the material right away. The material includes theory, working methods, sample photos and interesting sources such as articles, useful websites and artist profiles.

The course last half a day of three hours and can be offered in Dutch and English. Adjustments to the program are possible on request. Contact us about prices and dates.

cursus voor docenten
By Franks Nuiver
Photography and experiencing art

Visual literacy and media literacy are important for art experience, but also as skills in the digital world, identity formation and the assessment and use of visual source material.


  • Image analysis methods
  • The aesthetic experience
  • Empathy in art experience
bezoekers cursus voor docenten By René de Boer
Photography in society

Visual culture plays a prominent role in everyday life. Visual communication takes place via news, social media and entertainment. This shapes a culture and shapes a culture on an individual and collective level


  • Identity formation
  • Fake news and propaganda
  • Imaging of other cultures
At NonFiction Photo

Courses are offered at the NonFiction Photo studio with a minimum of eight registrations. This is in the Biotoop in Haren, Kerklaan 30. There are parking options, good bus connections and the location is also great for cycling from Groningen. A route description will be shared with participants after registration.

On location

It is possible to offer the course on location in consultation. If several teachers from a comprehensive school are interested in a course, we can of course also come by to offer the course. Ask for the conditions.


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