With vision you know here you are headed. That is why we have written the NonFiction Photo Manifesto. 

NonFiction Photo believes in the power of exhibitions, education, talent and entrepreneurship. On the basis of these four pillars, the non-profit moves through the visual culture landscape, to start a conversation about current social issues. That is why NonFiction Photo organizes and produces photo exhibitions and is guided in this by its manifesto.

Manifest van NonFiction Photo by Joost Nuijten

Knowledge is power. Once you know what’s going on in the world, you are in a position to do something about it. Thus you have the freedom to be, think, act and dream.

Therefore, we strive for freedom of expression, information, faith, sexuality and destiny aligned with this. Without these freedoms, our society would be less beautiful. So, we believe everyone should decide for themselves.

by Andrea Hooymans

Art can show the world through other people’s eyes. It’s eye-opening, ‘the window to the soul’, or ‘that could be my child, too.’ Art makes the world a little better.

What makes photography so clear is that it feels close to reality. That makes it the medium of choice to reflect what happens in the world. That way, you can discover the events that happen in the world from a curious and critical point of view.

by Andrea Hooymans

Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not with us? We hold that fresh blood brings new ideas, new possibilities, and new people to share the office with at midnight. We ‘upgrade’, and you ‘upgrade’.
But seriously: talent is the future. That's why we set ourselves up as a breeding ground for talent in the category organisation, photography, journalism and artistic design. We get an upgrade, they get an upgrade.

Talent Track 2023

We'd like to enrich the world with knowledge. Within our visual culture there is a lot to know. You can learn to look at what you see, but also consider context, intention and story. The more you know, the deeper you can go.

We would like to speak about photography, art, journalism, and stories from the real world. So we welcome on board young people, students, adults and internationals.

Marion Verwey by Andrea Hooymans

Let’s work efficiently. That involves working with one eye on the future, sustainable work relations, and respect for the environment.

In the spirit of sustainable entrepreneurship, we have several initiatives for our people. We provide education through intern workshops, talent trajectories and evaluations. That way, everyone develops.

In the category environment we prefer to to be sure. We rather dont sit around for things to go wrong and thus try to do everything that we can to be as green as possible right now. Think of socially responsible entrepreneurship, carbon footprints, a mug for everyone, biking to work, garbage seperation, recycling, LED lights, an anti straw policy and more.

by Andrea Hooymans

‘Together Everybody Achieves More’. Our community ensures that everyone feels heard and valued, is involved and is not afraid to make themselves heard during the extensive evaluations. We won’t get anywhere without feedback!

Our community is diverse, which is ideal, because together we know and can do more. We want to reach as many people as possible and prefer not to be limited by language. That is why we are offering all materials in Dutch and English and are adjusting the program to also be able to welcome internationals as visitors, volunteersTalent, makers and within the organisation.

Our team represents different age groups, nationalities and genders and we want to contribute to a diverse cultural sector. Therefore we are gearing our programming, accessibility and communication to an increasingly international and diverse Groningen.

By Marie-Flor

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