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Here is an overview of our team and our activities. NonFiction Photo has been giving a stage to art with a mission since 2003 and wants to organize this so that everyone benefits.

NonFiction Photo believes in the power of art, education, talent and entrepreneurship. Based on these four pillars, the foundation moves within the world of visual culture, in order to discuss current social issues. That is why NonFiction Photo organises and produces photo exhibitions and is guided by its Manifesto.

For makers, by makers
Collective of makers

NonFiction Photo was founded in its current form by Andrea Hooymans: “Having graduated as an artist, I saw that it is difficult to make ends meet. It is often a choice between part-time artistry and choosing a related alternative profession. That should be possible.” With NonFiction Photo she wants to create a safe haven for makers, by makers; a collective of makers in flux.

Resident Artists

The exhibitions are made by ‘resident artists’ Andrea and ‘partner in crime’ Dries Verbeke. This art duo has been inviting local creators from the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe to come and make new work, supplemented by existing work by photographers and researchers from throughout and sometimes outside the Netherlands. “With this combination, we intend to bring the art close to the society at large and connect the stories from the North to the rest of the world. The societal and scientific knowledge which has been gathered by others, we shape into a visual experience. This is how we convert ‘visual storytelling’ into actual and broadly held themes.”

Andrea Hooymans and Dries Verbeke by Jorge Moreno
The North and the rest of the world

In the setting of social entrepreneurship, many team members from the Northern provinces are working together with international students and expats; a diverse volunteer community; and people with a distance to the job market. As such we carry the stories of the North to a broad and international audience.

To give the exhibitions and the creators' concept behind this a greater reach, we are constantly organising education, and talentprojects


In practice this means that, year round, at the NonFiction Photo headquarters, this eclectic community works on events and exhibitions they come up with together. Everything is produced in-house, largely from found and re-purposed materials. During the process of making, artists; videographers and photographers; and self-taught creatives are all involved.

Everyone helps each other and works from the NonFiction workshop, also on external assignments. Whoever joins the team is internally trained - thus you see marketeers help to build exhibition panels and photographers edit promo texts. Everyone has a say in the projects and leaves with new skills, knowledge and a bigger network.

Cultuur educatie jeugd Gastles

For schools, students and adults.

Tentoonstellingsbezoek scholen Noord Nederland

Local and international photo exhibitions.

Vacature audiovisueel

Join the Talent Track as a photographer or maker

culturele vacatures vrijwilligers

Sign up as a festival volunteer.


For amature, makers and teachers.

Team members
NonFiction Photo Festival
Andrea Hooymans

Artistic and Business Director

Our leader believes that art can change the world. With images and words, she fights for the NFP community and an engaging photo festival. Goal; world domination, practise; fun, learning and substantive discussions.

Marlie Wabeke

Head of Hospitality

Marlie believes in joint responsibility for the world around us. Due to her versatility, she can help others when needed and thus supports the creative process.

Dries Verbeke
Dries Verbeke

Master Builder

Self-taught artist and designer with a cause: turns discarded materials into festival deco, interior design and of course inspiring exhibitions. Secretly wants to change the world.

Aline by Denis Ghisalberti
Aline Eclair

Financial Agent

As a half-marathonist, Aline knows how to keep things running. In her role as our event coordinator, she is the one responsible to connect the dots between the company, visitors and sponsors. Good vibes and inspiring experiences guaranteed!

Fred Dijkstra

Financial Agent

Money man with a love for numbers and structure. Goes through the tedious process of taking care of back end of the creative process. Our 'master of coin': would not miss him for the world!

Manman Liu

Marketing Agent (intern)

Animated and gifted, Manman is always the life of the party. An electric personality combined with a heartfelt love for all things artsy make her the piece of the puzzle everyone is missing. A music lover, photographer and aspiring film maker who has a punk band without any members, but at least she has the name and logo.

Teodora Hofnăr

Graphic Designer

Cat lover. Recent graduate with a bachelor in design, she is creative and is always eager to learn and experience new things. Has a passion for visual storytelling in all its forms, including illustration and photography. Always wishing to be able to send important messages out into the world.

Lelle Petak

Production Agent (intern)

A second-year Arts, Culture and Media student, specializing in Film and Visual Arts. Loves visual arts, especially photography, and always searches for a bit of surrealism in everyday life. Excited to put her knowledge learned at University into practice. Wants to have an insight into visualizing the state of the world and moving within the world of visual culture.

Saskia Nijenhuis

Publicity Agent (intern)

International relations student with an interest in topics addressing different cultures, rights and equality. Determined and driven, she is committed to do her part to make the world a better place. She also believes in the importance of art and tries to put the art world in the spotlight with her work.

Rowena Jamal

Event Agent (intern)

Arts, culture and media student who loves intercultural exchange and will grab the first opportunity to learn a new language. Perpetually fascinated by the photographic medium’s power to capture and immortalize life in meaningful ways. Is driven by a societal urge to help document histories across the world..

Roos van der Meulen

Production Agent (intern)

A student spatial design with a love of art and anything creative. loves to seek out what beauty the world has to offer. Dreamy is the word what seems to follow her around and most of the time you can find her with her head in a book or painting. She is excited to learn new stuff and skill to help her in the future to help create amazing things.

NonFiction Photo Festival
Dennis Lapré


A real veteran in the business of photography. He is also experienced in teaching both at the Noorderpoort College as well as at the Alfa College in Groningen. During the Academy tours he will talk about how a photo is made.

Marion Verwey
Marion Verwey


A social animal, Marion loves taking photographs as much as she loves talking about them. She gives guided tours during the exhibition from the photographer's perspective.

Joost Nuijten
Joost Nuijten

Photographer and Web Master

Loves to take pictures from the backstage. As a tour guide, he emphasizes the photographer's working method. You might see him at the opening behind the piano!

Bert Donker
Bert Donker

Talent Coach

Known for epic evaluations and effective brainstorms. Bert watches over the educational components of the organization. With a background in psychology, training and stress management, he keeps us on the right and narrow path.

Alexander de Jong

Acquisition Agent

A pool expert working in finance. History aficionado, on a mission to try out dishes from different countries and cultures all over the world.

Prins Maurits
Maurits Wagensveld

Production Agent

Looking to expand his horizon by learning as many new skills as he can! He's excited, unorganized, and hands on. Give him a time and a place and he will be 30 mins late, but he will be there. Giving his all.

Sam van Rhijn

Production Agent

Craftsman and artist in one, Sam loves wood. As part of the production team, he works amidst dust clouds and wood chips to assemble beautifully finished panels, installations and objects.

Former team members
Marijn van Rijswijck

Education intern 2023

Ariana Valeriano

Production Agent 2023

Jorge Moreno

Communication Agent 2022

Nandini Ahuja

Production Agent 2022

Qiao Zhao

Content Creator 2022

Thijs Borcheld

Editor 2022

Pieng-Or Patcharasoravut

Content Creator 2022

Xiaofei Guan

Marketing Intern 2022

Tamara Kanner

Podcast Creator 2022 2022

Persephone Michou

Communication Agent 2022

Edward Freije

Audiovisual intern 2022

Bastian Lasatira

Audiovisual intern 2022

Rao Shan

Event Agent intern 2022

Lisa Bockius

Production Agent 2022

Danny Martinez

Videographer 2022

Mariejanne van Dijk

Education Agent 2021

Ewa Pradzynska-Kostecka

Volunteer coordinator 2021

Lissy Voß

Communication Agent 2021

Marta Ferraro

Production Agent 2021

Viktor Gelbukh

Publicity Agent 2021

Sandra Mako Sanchez

Marketing Agent 2021

Grytsje Suze Abma

Exhibition Design 2021

Denis Ghisalberti

Marketing Agent 2021

Elizabeth Stepanova

Publicity Agent 2021

Emil Borgesius

Consultant 2017 - 2021

Iris Ketelaar

Editor 2020 - 2021

Shomisha Elaguani

Production Intern 2021

Soraya ter Horst

Production Intern 2021

Olmo Asmussen

Production Agent 2021

Patrick van der Weerd

Videographer 2021

Lisa Edberg

Graphic Designer 2021

Sohui Kim

Marketing Agent 2021

Charlotte Sievers

Diversity Agent 2021

Ilenia Trevisin

Graphic Designer '19 - '20

Amber Barelds

Volunteer coordinator '19 - '20

Kim Dumoré

Publicity intern 2020

Julia Castro

Communication Agent 2020

Danielle Jacson

Production Agent 2020

Kirsten van der Ploeg

Photography intern 2020

Esther Gerritsma

Education intern 2020

Kirsten Smit

Education intern 2020

Kinga Lechowska

Production Agent 2020

Sofia Manouki

Editor 2020

Margot Kok

Education agent 2019

Pablo ter Borg
Pablo ter Borg

Graphic Designer 2019

Mitra Hoviat Talab

PR Agent 2019

Jethro Bijleveld

Photographer '17 - '19

Bas Baas

Coach Journalism 2019

Sanne malcorps
Sanne Malcorps

Communication Agent 2019

Camilla Spadari

Publicity Agent '18 - '19

Thomas Ansell

PR Agent '18 - '19

Marion Stoffels

Content creator 2019

Rinnert Veldman
Rinnert Veldman

Coach Design 2019

Srinidhi Desikan

PR Agent 2019

Sander Vermeulen

Head Designer 2018

Finn Siebelink

Web developer 2019

Wiktoria Klara Walęcka
Wiktoria Walecka

Production Agent 2018

Chiara Tammaro

Production Agent 2018

Ingrid Bell

Publicity Agent 2018


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