Partners and Sponsors

Without our partners and sponsors we would not have come very far. They help us in acquiring the right knowledge, quality and materials.

We are very happy to know that there are people who stand behind our ideals and projects. Our partners and sponsors make our volunteers and visitors happy with the execution of it.

Tentoonstellingsbezoek scholen Noord Nederland by Kinga Lechowska
Festival Partners
By Tessa Runau

As a partner organisation of the foundation World Press Photo from Amsterdam, NonFiction Photo presents the World Press Photo Exhibition in Groningen. Amsterdam will send the panels to the North, where NonFiction Photo will take care of the rest, from location to program.

The Zilveren Camera Photo competition rewards photojournalists in the Netherlands for their work that captures the state and the world beyond. They are regarded as the oldest and most prestigious national prize awarded to Dutch photographers. We have their exhibition of the winners in several NonFiction Photo exhibitions.

Canon has gained much acclaim over the years for their state-of-the-art cameras. We worked with their Academy Programmes to provide a lecture by Di Sturco. Canon paid for us to include the Digital Storytelling contest next to our World Press Exhibition during . Print shop in the Hanze Photo exhibitions.

By Sven Sleur

The city of Groningen and the city of San Carlos in Nicaragua are connected through the nonprofit organisation City Link. By supporting knowledge-sharing and sponsoring across borders, they hope to collaborate together to support each other in reaching new heights. In 2018, they supported our World Press Photo Exhibition.

The network of Amnesty International in Groningen advocates the participation of the local population in promoting peace and justice. Working together, we have been able to reach students with images that depict the injustices that have yet to be resolved.

Usva is a student center for arts and culture. They offer creative classes, workshops and events. We worked together with Usva during our 2019 World Press Photo Exhibition. They were active participants during our International Student Night 2019.

Student Association Meander presented their student society during our 2019 International Student Night. They focus on the history of art and architecture and complement the Art History program at the University of Groningen .

We collaborated with ESN during our 2019 World Press Photo Exhibition. They were active participants during our International Student Night.

Exhibition Partners

Stichting Vluchteling Groningen offers help and social support. In 2020, we exhibited photos taken by six students for their Wake Up Your Mind project, following the lives of seven migrants.


As the largest news agency in the Netherlands, ANP has many stunning examples of photojournalism. By contributing to NonFiction Photo, we are able to exhibit their photographs and bring attention to local occurrences. We used their works during our 2020 Rise Up Exhibition.

In 2020, we collaborated with Extinction Rebellion during our Rise Up exhibition. This organisation is known for their activism pushing political systems to take action against climate change. We provided a platform for them to inform attendees about their work and speak about their upcoming protests.

The Pricca Practice aims to use photography to improve art education and research. We have worked together during our Unfixing Histories exhibition in 2017 to showcase works by Andrea Stultiens .

The annual “inspiration festival” in Groningen seeks to encourage collective dreaming about the future of the city. We have worked together on exhibitions to highlight Groningen’s cultural feats. In 2016, we were an event location exhibiting the winning photos of the “Nature in the City” photomarathon for Let’s Gro’s Go Green exposition festival. The following year we also collaborated in hosting a workshop Future of Groningen.

The Green Office is an active part of the University of Groningen which implements and encourages sustainable projects. For our exhibition Solutions: Energy , they supplied a map of the city center with green shops in the city.

Roos de Boer, inspired by the work of Catcalls of Amsterdam, recreated the project in Groningen. She wanted to bring attention to the verbal harassment commonly faced by women walking the city. By writing the things she hears in bright chalk on the sidewalks, and posting photos at @catcallsofgrunn, she calls on passersby to reconsider what we accept as normal. We featured her project and invited her as a guest speaker during our Rise Up Exhibition.

Black Ladies of Groningen (BLOG) was established to create an inclusive community where black women could share perspectives and raise awareness of pressing issues. We collaborated to provide a free, livestreamed symposium on the topic: “freedom, photography, and the Black Lives Matter movement.” The previous November, BLOG board members Vivien and Marianne were guest speakers at our “A Night at the Exhibition” event to discuss the relationship between photography and protest.

The global Black Lives Matter movement has forced countries to reconcile with targeted discrimination and abuse by police and other government bodies against black minorities. For our 2020 Rise Up exhibition, we worked together to provide a platform for their guest speaker and photos.

by Andrea Hooymans

Tuin in De Stad is a community garden center in Groningen. We provided a platform for a representative to speak during our 2020 Rise Up Exhibition. They were part of our project to highlight local citizen initiatives.

By Marion-Verwey

De Verhalen van Groningen collects and organises the stories of Groningen’s cultural history. They tie together separate story threads to weave together a comprehensive collection of thematic histories. In 2019, they supported us during our Gronings Gas to help us tell the story of gas extraction in the area.

By Andrea Hooymans

Dagblad van het Noorden is the leading Dutch newspaper covering the three northern provinces of the Netherlands: Groningen, Drenthe, and Fryslan. During our Gronings Gas Exhibition we collaborated substantially to present the “Ik Wacht” photo series and project “Het Verdwenen Groningen.” “Ik Wacht” was a photo series by Jan Zeeman, consisting of 101 portraits of Groningers.

by Andrea Hooymans

Just a Cup of Coffee was a program started by Ritzo ten Cate ran from 2013 to 2015. It organised city walks led by homeless people and actors playing homeless people. Its mission was to open people's eyes to the lives of the homeless in Groningen city. The profits were donated to the local homeless. During our 2020 Rise Up Exhibition, Ritzo spoke about his project.

DuPho supports and represents photographers in the legal, business and creative fields. This year they have worked with us to provide us with professional advice.

Fotostad033 organises photography exhibitions in Amersfoort. In the past they have helped us in our own exhibitions by giving advice.

FotoDOK is an organisation which supports events and exhibitions in collaboration with various partners. They focus on supporting documentary photography with background research. They have assisted us through advice.

The Forum Groningen is the largest cultural center of the city. In 2018, we collaborated with them for a screening of the documentary Women of Venezuellan Chaos which portrays the impact of the emergency on ordinary people in Venezuela.



Education Partners

The Dutch branch of Canon has partnered with NonFiction Photo to inspire new photographers to see through their own lens. We participated in their Young People Program for our exhibition Gronings Gas.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences guides its students by giving them practical experience. Dr. Boersma, lecturer at the university, gave us her research for our exhibition Green is the New Black in 2018. The Hanze also helped us the following year during our exhibition in 2019 on creative solutions for energy consumption, Solutions: Energy.

In 2017, students from Minerva Art Academy did historical image research into World Press Photo's winning photos over the years for our exhibition Unfixing Histories They talked about our perception of history through visual culture, censorship and published/unpublished press photography.

The University of Groningen is the heart of our beloved student city. Since 2018, researchers and professors from the university have acted as tour guides, giving us creative insight into the stories behind our exhibitions.

Rudolph Pabus Cleveringa Lyceum is part of the Foundation for Secondary Education Eemsdelta. All their students complete one or more social internships during their school period. They participated in Canon's Young People Program in 2019. The resulting photos on the topic of gas extraction in the region were featured on our Gronings Gas Exhibition.

Sabina Theijs

MijnFotocoach is a service that provides amateur or incarcerated photographers with personal coaches. Back in 2019, when we partnered with Canon's Young People's Program for our Solutions: Energy Exhibition, we helped put the participants in contact with coaches from MijnFotocoach. So is Sabina Theijs, the founder of the service.

Production Partners

Fotofabriek is a printing company located in Groningen. They have supported us by helping to provide printed exhibition and promotional materials. Paper is a different kind of story and each photo changes with the surface it is printed on. At the Fotofabriek they know this like the back of their hand!

Groningen Synagogue, an operational jewish synagogue, sometimes uses its space to host concerts and exhibitions. Since 2016, we have religiously used their space to bring our photography exhibitions to the city.

In 2015, we organised our first World Press Photo Exhibition in Der Aa-Kerk. The Gothic church hosts concerts, theatre, exhibitions, parties, conferences and gatherings now that it is no longer in use for the religious service.

Emil Borgesius by Dennis Lapre

Borgesius Consulting helps companies and organisations to analyse and improve their working methods. In 2019, we held consultations to move our practice forward.

Art and Culture Funds

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds supports culture, nature and science in the Netherlands. They stimulate special initiatives and talent through financial support, assignments, prizes and subsidies. They financed part of the NonFiction Photo Festival 2020.

As a subsidy on behalf of the municipality of Groningen, the Kunstraad provided us with financial support for our education program and exhibitions. Henk Staghouwer, Deputy for Culture at the Province of Groningen: “NonFiction Photo contributes to the public debate and ensures that people can no longer look away.”


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