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Any doubt about how things work? Watch our festival activities and read the following FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions, in which we hope you will find the answers.

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Where can I find you?

The NonFiction Photo Festival is located in the Groningen Synagogue aan de Folkingestraat 60. Sometimes we perform at different locations.

The office is located at the Biotoop te Haren, Kerklaan 30, Studio AK204. Check out a map here .

NonFiction Photo exposities FAQ
When can I come see you?

We are open every day during the festival! See the festivalpage for more info.

Is the Synagogue also open on Saturdays?

Yes, whenever a sabbath occurs the festival location is closed for a small period and reopens on Saturday's around 14:00. Check out the festivalpage for more information. If its not on there yet, then the information hasn't been made available to us yet.

Can I leave my coat and bags in the wardrobe?

Yes, there are lockers available, but probably you can leave your coat on as it is pretty cold in there. Large bags we will store for you personally.


How do I bring my bike, or take the car or public transit to the exhibition?

Many roads lead to the Synagogue. Make a plan through the site FAQ van Synagoge Groningen. Je kunt ook Google maps of onze festival pagina checken.

NonFiction Photo Festival locatie Synagoge Groningen FAQ
Do you have parking?

Create a plan for bike and car visitations through the site FAQ of the Synagogue Groningen.

Is the Synagogue wheelchair-accessible?

Yes it is! Wave at us and we will come outside to open the side door.


Is the exhibition suitable for children?

We expect the parents to be the best judge on these matters as some photos do contain more mature imagery. We receive a lot of classes and show them a selection of the pictures.

Do you give tours?

At request. We have an Academy programme we offer which is hosted by photographers and researchers. You can also just strike up a conversation with one of our education volunteers and get a tour from them at a time of your choosing. Academy ticket entitle you to a 45 minute tour. The knowledge and time of our volunteers is free, but a donation is very welcome as we are a non profit foundation. volunteers .

World Press Photo, Zilveren Camera, NonFiction Photo, who is who?

We are NonFiction Photo and we are one partner of World Press Photo and the Zilveren CameraWe are not a sister organization but an autonomous party. The World Press Photo Foundation is located in Amsterdam and organizes the competitions that result in the World Press Photo and Digital Storytelling Contest exhibitions. The De Zilveren Camera Foundation organizes competitions from Museum Hilversum that result in the Zilveren Camera exhibition. They rent out these exhibitions as a kind of ready-made package to their partner organizations, including NonFiction Photo in Groningen.

You guys are cool. I want to contribute!

What could I do with you as a volunteer?

We always need people in the volunteer team: education or front desk. You can also work as a specialist, for example as a graphic designer, videographer or blogger. Do you see possibilities? Mail:

In addition, you can apply for the Talent team as a photographer, spatial designer or team member within the organization. Throw a ball at Marlie via

4 vrijwilligers by Jethro Bijleveld
I am a photographer and want to join, is that possible?

We have several spots open; volunteers and a talent track for photography. Read all about it on our Talent page. Talent page

Can I donate?

Yes, of course! We have a ANBI status so it is still tax deductible for companies. You can also become a friend. Email Aline:!

Do I need special superpowers to join?

Yes. But even if you don't we will still love to have you. You dont need to send a resumé, just send us an email saying you want to volunteer for us. Thats possible through

I would like to volunteer with you, how do I sign up?

You can do this by email via our volunteer coordinator:

Can I pay digitally?

Yes, we exclusively use digital payment,

Can i buy tickets on location?

Absoluut: tickets voor de tentoonstelling, Academy lezingen, Academy rondleidingen. Alles.

Can I visit with a group and get a discount?

Het is zeker mogelijk om met een groep te komen. Geen korting, wel bijvoorbeeld een rondleiding wanneer het jou uitkomt. Mail Marlie om te boeken.

I'd like to visit with a class. How does that work?

How great! It is best to plan school visits because that allows us to schedule in a free tour at a fitting moment. Read all about it on our Education page.

Something went wrong with my e-tickets. What now?

Fred gaat het voor je uitzoeken. Mail Fred!

NonFiction Photo Festival

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NonFiction Photo Festival Groningen
November – December 2022
Synagoge – Folkingestraat 60


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