Lessons on Location

We are happy to come and offer a guest lecture at school. We provide workshops, individual lessons and series of lessons for secondary education, mbo, hbo and university level. We can offer this in Groningen and outside of Groningen.

De lessen worden op verzoek ook op maat gemaakt in overleg met docenten en opleidingen. Liever ‘gewoon’ de World Press Photo Exhibition in Groningen komen bekijken? That's also possible.

Gastles workshop
Expo visit in the classroom

Visit the exhibition while staying in class. View the exhibition digitally.

Package 1 – digital

€5,00 pp.

Package 2 - lessons on location

€50,00 pt.

Contact us about the conditions.

Cultuur educatie jeugd Gastles
Combi deal: visit and lesson

Visit the exhibition with the class, get a tour of the site and receive a lesson on location.

Package 3 – exhibition visit and lesson plans

€10,00 pp.

Package 4 - exhibition visit and lessons on location. Cost: lecture price plus exhibition entrance fee.

€7,50 pp. +

€50,00 pt.

Contact us about the conditions.

Gastles workshop
Lesson series

Follow an in-depth lesson series in the classroom, with projects, videos and guest lectures. We will send a guest speaker to your location.

Package 5 – guest lecture series. Price per seminar.

€70,00 pt.

We are happy to tailor this lesson series for secondary education or MBO level. Contact us about the conditions.


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