NonFiction Photo Festival

The NonFiction Photo Festival 2022 Groningen was een geweldig succes. De wereldberoemde World Press Photo Exhibition and the premiere of Future Food have inspired thousands of people. This year we will be back with a new edition in Groningen with de World Press Photo Exhibition 2023 and more.

Would you like to help realize the festival this year? Take a look at our vacancy page or sign up as volunteers for the coming edition.

News and Activities

Productie team Nonfiction

Are you also raving about the NonFiction Photo Festival? Come and help us organize the next edition. We work from our ‘headquarters’ at the cultural breeding ground The Biotoop in Haren. You can join all year round as a team member, for work experience, internships on all levels or as a volunteer.

World Press Photo Exhibition 2023

The World Press Photo Exhibition shows the best of visual journalism from the past year. The Photo Contest of 2023 saw 3,752 photographers from 127 countries have entered 60,448 images. From these images, the best have been selected to tell the story of our times.

Future Food

An exhibition on new technology and re-found old methods. Artists, makers and photographers from the North create their vision on solving our current food-issues.

Visual Academy

Dive into the stories behind the photos. Next up soon:

  • A Night at the Exhibition: art meets food, thu 1 dec
  • The Finissage: meet the artists, fri 2 dec
  • Tours: every Saturday and Sunday 14.30

Her from media experts, photographers and the makers. With tours, workshops, lectures and more.

What we are all about

As a stage for art with a mission, we move within the cultural world using our manifesto as a guide and our pillars as a basis.


Art is a gateway to a bigger world. In the context of social art, we produce and present photo exhibitions.


To navigate well within visual culture, it is important to understand it. That is why we strive to improve visual literacy.


Makers and other culture professionals have to navigate the cultural world as well. That is why we share our knowledge with volunteers and young talent.


Who says art and business do not mix? As a gang of artists, we keep the ship afloat thanks to the help of professionals, trainees and interns.


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Stichting NonFiction Photo
Kerklaan 30, 9751 NN, Haren
ANBI | Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling


NonFiction Photo Festival Groningen
November - December 2023
Synagoge – Folkingestraat 60


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