Expositie Climate no Future

In this exhibition, activists embody climate vulnerability. The photos of climate protest in front of and behind the scenes were taken by activists themselves. This exhibition is the result of a university research project and provides a clear view of the current climate protest (visual) culture.

Exhibitors are: Thomas Dienert, Nele Fischer, Florian König, Lotte Kallio, Wella Oili Kuukasjärvi, Benjamin Pollet, Jonathan Schwetmann and Susan Warmer. For this project, researchers Dr. David Shim and Dr. Delf Rothe collaborated with curator Andrea Hooymans to realise the exhibition.

This is a traveling exhibition, on view at fotogalerie Lichtzone (1 - 26 May) and Hamburg (October).

Climate No Future 2024 by Wella Oili Kuukasjärvi

About the exhibition Climate No Future

Climate Crisis

In the face of the looming climate crisis, it can be challenging to fully grasp the monstrous effects that await us. Yet, through the power of images, we can gain access to these uncertain futures and dare to imagine the unthinkable. ’Climate No Future’ invites us to step into the shoes of the climate protesters themselves, bearing witness to their impassioned struggle for a sustainable tomorrow.

‘Climate No Future’ offers a powerful and poignant glimpse into the hearts and minds of those at the forefront of the fight for a sustainable future. Showcasing 34 captivating photographs captured by members of three pivotal climate movements—Extinction Rebellion, Fridays for the Future, and the Last Generation—this exhibition transcends the established aesthetics of the climate crisis. Without the glitz and glamour often used in of photography, these images take us right to the overwhelming ‘ground zero’.

Photography meets research

The ‘Climate No Future’ exhibition is the culmination of the groundbreaking ‘Security Imaginaries of Climate Movements’ (SECIMA) research project, a collaboration between the University of Groningen and the University of Hamburg. Led by Dr. Delf Rothe and Dr. David Shim, SECIMA has pioneered a novel approach that empowers climate activists as citizen scientists, actively involved in collecting and interpreting the visual data that forms the exhibition. This innovative partnership between academia and grassroots activism has resulted in this exhibition that amplifies the voices of those on the frontlines of the climate crisis, offering a raw and authentic glimpse into their point of view.

Practical Information


The programm for the exhibition in Hamburg will be published soon.

Visitor Information

The exhibition 'Climate no Future' will be on view this October in Hamburg, Germany. More information will be shared shortly.

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 to 17:00 , free entry.

Exhibition Makers

Climate no Future - David Shim
Dr. David Shim


Climate no Future- Delf Rothe
Dr. Delf Rothe


Climate no Future - Oili Kuukasjarvi
Oili Kuukasjarvi


Climate no Future - Jonathan Schwetmann (by Patrick Fischer)
Jonathan Schwetmann


Climate no Future - Benjamin Pollet
Benjamin Pollet



Thomas Dienert | Fotograaf

Nele Fischer | Photographer

Florian König | Fotograaf

Lotte Kallio | Fotograaf

Susan Warmer | Fotograaf

Production Team

By Aileen Bus
Andrea Hooymans

Curator and photographer

by Andrea Hooymans
Dries Verbeke


Teodora Hofnar at work at NonFiction Photo
Teodora Hofnar


With thanks to

Carla Anderer | Events Intern

Fotogalerie Lichtzone | Exhibition location

Heling Wang | Communication Intern

Hugo Klip | Textwriter

Marion Verwey | Photographer Lichtzone

Suraya van Loon | Production Intern

Wencong Sun | Audiovisual Intern



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