ANBI status

The ANBI status of NonFiction Photo was awarded in 2020. A ANBI non-profit is a public benefit institution. An institution can only be an ANBI if it is almost entirely committed to the public interest.

NonFiction Photo follows the principles of the CCG in its policy and implementation. NonFiction Photo exists thanks to a team of around 80 - 90 volunteers and a handful of employees. It operates on the basis of the manifesto.

By Dennis Lapre
ANBI goals of the non-profit

As an ANBI, NonFiction Photo believes in the power of exhibitions, education, talent and entrepreneurship. In view of that, NonFiction Photo presents and produces photography exhibitions and use our manifesto as a reference point.

cultureel bedrijfsuitje by Maarten de Kok

Or, more dryly described as in NonFiction Photo's bylaws: 

“The aim of the foundation is: to increase the attention of various social and cultural issues among the widest possible audience by means of 'visual storytelling'. The foundation tries to achieve its goal by organizing and producing exhibitions (with photography as the main medium and 'solutions journalism' as the approach), supported by talent development programs and a broadly supported education programme, often in collaboration with educational, social and cultural institutions. organizations and institutions. The assets of the foundation serve to achieve the purpose of the foundation.”

Activities of the foundation

NonFiction Photo produces and presents exhibitions. Own productions are thematic exhibitions, curated by the 'resident artists' and 'artists in residency' who are invited for the occasion. The themes of these exhibitions are in line with current events and visual stories from the North.Existing exhibitions are, for example, the Canon Zilveren Camera, World Press Photo Exhibition en Digital Storytelling Contest.


In addition, NonFiction Photo organizes an education and talent programme.


Talent programme

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) was established in 2018 and consists of the following members:

Bart de Jager | chairman

Vacancy | vice-chairman

Grietineke Lier | secretary

The Supervisory Board can be reached via

Stichting NonFiction Photo
Kerklaan 30, 9751 NN, Haren
Financial information

+31 6 306 530 13


Stichting NonFiction Photo
Kerklaan 30, 9751 NN, Haren
ANBI | Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling


NonFiction Photo Festival Groningen November – December 2024


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