by Andrea Hooymans

Vacancy Internship Financial Administration

Gain relevant work experience at a cultural ANBI foundation. NonFiction Photo is atypically well organized and has room for an intern who is following a financial education. You will be given room to think about the design of the financial administration for a number of new projects, so there is room for your own input.

Deadline 20 July. This vacancy is normally for an internship but we can discuss a position for a trainee or professional.

“I'm amazed at how well organized it is here; I get very excited about all the excel sheets and newly arranged archives.” - Suus

Vacancy Production Coordinator

Come and wave your hands as a production coordinator for the NonFiction Photo Festival. For this position you keep an overview, manage budgets and ensure that all creativity is guided in the right direction and we come to a beautiful exhibition. This vacancy can be adapted to be filled by a professional, trainee or intern.

Deadline June 16th 2024. However, if you want to do an internship, you can register all year round.

“Glad to see this exhibition be so well executed! Even in these testing times!” – Denis, festival visitor


As a financial administration intern, you work in the finance team, with the business director and finance assistant. Sometimes you will be dealing with the education or exhibition team for different projects.

  • Management of the financial administration: incoming and outgoing invoices, payments, VAT declaration and bank transactions.
  • Thinking along with the preparation and analysis of the budget(s)
  • Help design work instructions in Trello
  • Help develop financial workflow for new projects
  • Thinking along about financial policy: rental, traveling exhibitions, art sales and compensation for volunteers and artists
  • Support in drafting the financial accountability to funds and the Supervisory Board

We are looking for someone with a financial background who has a love for structure and culture. 

  • Follows a relevant education, preferably business economics or accountancy
  • Can keep a good overview
  • Can work well independently
  • Work meticulously with attention to detail
  • Speaks good Dutch or English (Dutch is not a requirement)
  • Thrives well in a flexible, creative and young organisation
  • Proactive; can take initiative and motivated to complete tasks without constant direction
  • Problem solving oriented

It is possible to fill this vacancy as an intern, from 5 ECT. You then have a supporting function for the production coordinator. Under the guidance of experienced professionals you can work part time or full time. We adjust the internship period, duration and content to fit your course and education level. This is a challenging internship with hard deadlines, especially if you have your run between October and December. See the internship page for more information.


If you are at the beginning of your career, it is possible to fulfill this position as a trainee production employee. This is a position with personal guidance and a lot of responsibility.


Do you want to use your experience for the cultural sector, make a career switch or do you have time to spare? Join as a professional and share your knowledge with the rest of the team. Combine production coordination with the coordination of the Talent Track attendees. Expect a lot of personal input and responsibility.

"When I told my fellow students about my internship at NonFiction, they reacted jealously. And rightly so! Couldn't have imagined a nicer internship!" – Natan, intern 2020

NonFiction Photo Community

NonFiction photo is an ideological organisation with an eye for its people. Here you work both independently and in a team as part of a diverse team in a creative environment. You have plenty of room for self-development, get a look behind the scenes of a large-scale cultural event and can meet (well-known) photographers. The team meets up monthly for consultation and conviviality and ends the period with a party. Thanks to the direct way of communication, there is a lot of room for your own initiative and creativity.

Further benefits

  • Participation in the training programme for tour guides
  • Participation in workshops such as photography, metal, design and excel
  • Free admission to all events, including the VIP opening and the Academy program with guided tours and lectures
  • A letter of recommendation on behalf of the NonFiction Photo Foundation (in case of mutual satisfaction).

A number of specific features for this function:

  • As a trainee or professional, the maximum monthly volunteer allowance of €170 per month is available for this position.
  • Location manager with emphasis on cash register management during the festival in November and December.
  • Setting up the ticket shop in September.
  • Option: gain sales experience through the acquisition of companies, sponsors and donors.
  • Option: Participation in a production team as an expert, designer or writer.
  • Option: participation in an exhibition research team.
  • Option: gain work experience as a photographer for portraits, documentation and promotional images for the festival.
by Andrea Hooymans
Working Period

The internship can start at any time. Overall, the year looks like this:

First half of the year

From January to July, we provide financial accountability for the past year, we file VAT returns for the first and second quarters, we prepare the budget for the upcoming NonFiction Photo Festival and we do acquisitions for upcoming projects.

Second half of the year

From September to December we focus on the production of the NonFiction Photo Festival so there is a lot of financial traffic to process. Budget management and contact with executive teams (education and exhibitions) come to the fore during this period. We also file VAT returns for the third and fourth quarters. During the festival in November and December, we set up the ticket shop, manage the cash register and there is an opportunity to work as a location manager.


You work one to two days a week - more if your internship requires you - at our office between 10.00 and 18.00. The working days and times can be coordinated in consultation.

The tasks can be expanded, depending on your availability and interests. It is possible to shift the timing of the work in consultation.


Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to Andrea Hooymans (director NFP) via Applications are in the following week at Biotoop, Kerklaan 30, Haren.

Are you in doubt about your availability, do you have any questions or do you want to use this position as an internship, without obligation, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We’d like to think along with you.

Looking for another position with us? View our vacancies.

Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated.


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