Press Freedom Day 2022

Celebrate Press Freedom Day! We are organizing a pop-up exhibition on Tuesday 3 May, press freedom day. We invite you to discuss press freedom and the role of photography in the news experience. The exhibition can be seen at the Vismarkt from 11:30 to 16:00. 

By: Thijs Borcheld

by Andrea Hooymans
Our pop-up exhibition

The pop-up exhibition shows a selection of the 'Rise Up' exhibition about protest and citizens' initiative in the North. A photo, taken by Siese Veenstra, shows the protest of the Black Lives Matter Movement on the Grote Markt in the summer of 2021. Curator of the exhibition, Andrea Hooymans, explains what this image has to do with freedom of the press: “The press can provide a stage for important events. For example, a protest has a much greater impact if it is in the news. A democracy cannot function without free and uncensored journalism. How can you form an opinion about what is happening in the world if you are not there yourself? You have to be able to rely on the news for that.” We interact with the public through words and images, in addition to the photos, the public is interviewed and there are lectures by local makers. 

By Siese Veenstra
Press freedom day 

Press Freedom Day was established by the United Nations and UNESCO to commemorate murdered journalists and to create solidarity for journalists imprisoned or unable to perform their work due to restrictions on freedom. The day also aims to continue the debate on press freedom. The date was chosen because the Windhoek Treaty was signed on 3 May 1991, which gave a number of African newspapers more freedom. “We think it is necessary to emphasize the importance of press freedom”, explains Hooymans. "Certainly in times of war and 'fake news' it is important to know that journalists play a crucial role in spreading information, but also empathize with people who could help." Press freedom is therefore an important pillar within us manifesto.


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