Gronings Gas Exhibition

An exhibition about past, present and future of the natural gas extraction in Groningen. Gas extraction is a current and pressing matter. The Netherlands has benefited much from the gas in the ground underneath Groningen, but after the start of the earthquakes in the region in 1990, the project turned out to have a heavy price tag.

The exhibition is free to visit at the Oude Pastorie in Loppersum, Hogestraat 2. The location is open from Thursday - Saturday from 12.00 - 17.00. More information via EPIQ.

By Anjo de Haan


Gas extraction in Groningen

Gronings Gas 2.0 shows a timeline, that started with the discovery of natural gas in Groningen in 1954. It highlights the historical and social events that play a role in the history of gas extraction in Groningen and the earthquakes it resulted in. The photos show protest movements, important political events and portraits of Groningen residents who often still struggle with emotion and bureaucracy.
The earthquakes damaged many homes and businesses and made many buildings unsafe. Loppersum is one of the villages that play a big part in these stories. Local photographers highlight the issues facing their own struggling communities and look at future solutions.


The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the launch of EPIQ. EPIQ should become an educational-museum center in Loppersum, where information about gas extraction, energy and earthquakes is provided.

Central to this are the stories of the people of Groningen. EPIQ is a citizens' initiative that was honored as a Future Project by the Groningen National Program in 2021.

This exhibition was previously on display in 2019 and has been updated at the request of EPIQ.

Production Team

By Julia Dumchenko
Andrea Hooymans

Curator and photographer

by Andrea Hooymans
Dries Verbeke


By Julia Dumchenko
Teodora Hofnar



Rafah Jabbrah | production

Asterios Touvlatzis | production

With thanks to

EPIQ | Joke Scholten Koopmans | Project coordinator

EPIQ | Roelien de Jong | Graphic Design


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