We werken aan een geheim plan om de wereld over te nemen. Tot die tijd zetten we ons in voor non fictie fotografie, solutions journalism en idealen in uitvoering.

Fotografie staat dichtbij de realiteit en is dus het media bij uitstek om het te hebben over wat er in de wereld gaande is. Het grenst aan kunst, visual storytelling en journalistiek dus je kunt er alle kanten mee op. Non fictie, no nonsense: we willen het echt ergens over hebben in een taal die voor iedereen toegankelijk is. Fotografie is het.

Solutions journalism zien wij als een vorm van journalistiek waarbij we kijken naar aanleiding, achterliggende thema’s en mogelijke oplossingen voor maatschappelijke fenomenen. Deze vorm van journalistiek is ons uitgangspunt voor eigen producties (lees: tentoonstellingen) waarin we op de inhoud ingaan, de diepte inspringen en het beest in de bek kijken. Tenminste, dat is het idee.

Talent, duurzaamheid, educatie, kunst, persvrijheid en internationalisering. Wij hebben deze stippen aan de horizon gezet en gaan ervoor. Zonder uitdaging geen vooruitgang. Lees er alles over in ons Manifest.


Mooi die idealen, maar hoe dan?

Educatie met de klas naar de expo

Voor VO, MBO, HBO en WO. Educatiepakketten en rondleidingen in het Nederlands en in het Engels.

Academy voor wie meer wil weten

Lezingen, rondleidingen, workshops en events! We nodigen fotografen, onderzoekers en journalisten uit om over hun werk en visie te vertellen.

NFP Exhibition een lokale productie

Milieu en Migratie in 2D en 4D. NonFiction Photo Talent presenteert: 'Fucking Recycle', 'Green is the new Black' en 'Passengers'.

Talent van Groningse bodem

Fotografie, journalistiek, kunst en organisatie; het magische recept voor snode plannen. Eerst NonFiction Photo, dan de wereld!

Vrijwilligers helden

Van fotografen tot het promoteam; (internationale) studenten en stadjers helpen ons elk jaar weer om onze dromen tastbaar te maken!


Winnende fotografen van de World Press Photo tentoonstelling komen vertellen over hun werk. Rondleidingen doen we met fotografen, kunstenaars en onderzoekers van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

dr. David Shim Onderzoeker RuG

Interested in the modes of representation that are central for the constitution of global politics, David explores visuals from comics to photography. This field of study is the politics of representation and he will give tours on Visual Global Politics on weekends.

dr. Scott A. Eldridge II Onderzoeker RuG

Assistant Professor in Journalism Studies and Media at The University of Groningen researching journalistic identity and boundaries of journalism online. Will be giving tours on Visual Media on weekends.

dr. Bob de Jonge Onderzoeker RuG

Associate Professor Spanish linguistics at the University of Groningen with a special interest for Latin America. Also an amateur photographer. He will give tours on migration with us this year.

Giulio Di Sturco Winnaar Hedendaagse Kwesties (enkel) World Press Photo

Giulio Di Sturco is an Italian photographer based between London and Bangkok. He has received two World Press Photo awards, Sony World Photo awards and the British Journal of Photography, among others. Much of his personal work focuses on human adversity in climates of environmental and technological evolution.

Kadir van Lohuizen Winnaar Milieu (series) World Press Photo

Kadir has received numerous prizes and awards in photojournalism. In 2000 and 2002 Kadir was a jury member of the World Press Photo contest and is currently on the supervisory board of the World Press Photo foundation. He will be giving a lecture on his winning series 'Wasteland' and his environment-themed work.

Muriël Duindam Citylink San Carlos

Coordinator of Citylink Groningen-San Carlos, looking to creatively develop the bond between two cities.

Sabina Theijs Portfolio Review

Photo coach and documentary photographer. Loves the ability of photographs to transport you through time and space. Unable to stop thinking and talking about photography. Hoarder of mental pictures.

Annemiek Hospers Kunstenaar Kinderhoek

Groningen based artist creating intense drawings inspired by photographs.

Becky Redman Graphic designer

With a background in designing packages and marketing materials, Becky knows the system. Through art she sends a clear message: we need to re-use, reduce and recycle.

Lilian Zielstra Stadsdichter

Aappointed poet of the City in 2017, Lilian travels around writing new work about Groningen, its people and the stories of the times.



Zonder kantoorteam en automaatkoffie geen tentoonstelling

Andrea Hooymans Managing & Artistic Director (senior)

Masterminds the NonFiction Photo exhibition and education department; coordinates Talent, Academy, marketing and the team. Loves using photography as a means to tickle the imagination and working way past her bedtime.

Fred Dijkstra Financial Director (senior)

Moneyman with a love of numbers and structure. Goes through the tedious process of taking care of the back end of the creative process. Would not miss him for the world!

Marlie Wabeke Head of production and volunteercoordinator (senior)

Loves organizing and planning everything to do with our volunteers. Interested in the world which, captured in images, in all it’s beauty and horror can come really close.

Emil Borgesius Senior

"This is it... this is where I belong..." I know everyone here... even if I've never met them, never talked to them, may never hear from them again... I know you all... You may stop me, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.

Amber Barelds Education and hospitality coordinator (Talent)

Freshly graduated but already in the game for some time. Aims to let as many people as possible, young and old, experience art and culture.

Camilla Spadari Publicity agent (Talent)

Mission objective: to contribute to the growth of the meaning of culture. Means: passion for photography, contemporary art the art market.

Ingrid Bel PR agent

Communication and culture - come HR - looking to get back into the arts, starting with NonFiction Photo.

Wiktoria Klara Walęcka Production agent

Audio and technical expert from the festival world - Lowlands to Psy Fi - joining us in Groningen for some technical trials.


Dennis Lapré House photographer

Documentary I Autonomous I Portraits Exhibiting with NonFiction Photo as part of Green is the new Black

Joost Nuijten House photographer

Exhibiting with NonFiction Photo as part of Green is the new Black

Marion Verwey House photographer

Exhibiting with NonFiction Photo as part of Green is the new Black

Majella Elgersma House photographer

Exhibiting with NonFiction Photo as part of Green is the new Black

Sven Hartmut Sleur House photographer

Dutch photographer born in Germany. In this long-term project I will follow the dutch sky for at least 365 days.

René de Boer House photographer

Groningen based web-designer creating content for websites, but also loves traveling around the world. Also does video's for NonFiction Photo.

Olha Rohulya House photographer

Outdoor photographer- landscapes, reportages, events and concerts, no tree-frogs or wild animals or any wildlife whatsoever. I do like windmills, but not if their wild.

Jethro Bijleveld House photographer

Portrait photographer


Josephine Eisses Designer

Young designer from Amsterdam making digital illustrations, large mural paintings and 3D objects. Loves nature and makes this a central theme for her work.

Chiara Tammaro Artist

Forth year Fine Art student at Academie Minerva form Leeds. Focusing creating socially developed artworks and projects and one of the most hardworking people we know!

Dries Verbeke Artist

Artist and designer working with found objects, which fits perfectly into our reduce, re-use and recycle attitude for this years exhibition.

Sander Vermeulen House designer

Perfectionist artist with a knack for presentation coordinating our NonFiction Photo Exhibition design.


Tarfa Abdulghafour Documentary maker

The best thing is to work to inspire people and make a creative idea to be a reason for a new beginning.

Ingrid de Vries Blogger

My passions are writing, photography, traveling and theater.

Lotte Houwing Housejournalist

Critical research journalist who focuses on climate justice from an inter-sectional perspective.

Carlijn Keijzer Housejournalist

I love to observe the world through photography and writing. Working at this intersection is where I hope to find more direction in my own life.

Anna Sofia From Housejournalist

History student who is constantly looking for the background story.



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Exhibition Team They built it all

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