NonFiction Photo Festival

The NonFiction Photo Festival is back for round two! The festival features the globally renowned World Press Photo Exhibition, presenting the ‘stories that need to be told.’ Colourful portraits, gripping documentary series, and impressive nature photography will be displayed at the Synagogue Groningen from November 12 to December 5.

World Press Photo Exhibition

The World Press Photo Exhibition shows the best of visual journalism from the past year. The Photo Contest saw 4,315 photographers from 130 countries have entered 74,470 images. From these images, the best have been selected to tell the story of our times.

NonFiction Photo Festival
Fair Fashion Exhibition

The main exhibition will be supported by a local ‘answer’, focusing on fair fashion, and taking a ‘solutions‘ approach to this complex concern. Various photographers, designers and artists are working together to create today’s story of fast versus fair fashion.

NonFiction Photo Festival
Academy Programme

The Academy programme offers tours and talks on photography as well as the issues represented  in the photographs. View the photographs through the eyes of photographers and media experts, or dive into the world of Fair Fashion during the International Student Night or A Night at the Exhibition.

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