The Photomarathon is a competition and workshop in one. Under the guidance of a professional photographer you learn new skills that you can put into practice right away. 

In the first part of the Photomarathon you get to know your camera better. Both photography technique and making a nice shot are discussed. Based on the chosen theme, a photographer then gives an inspiring photography lecture with lots of example material.

Do you also want to do a Photomarathon? This is possible, for example, with your class, the club or the company. Scroll down for more information or contact Amber at

In the second part of the Photomarathon, the participants go into the field to take pictures. Every 45 minutes the group receives a new assignment to take photos. In total there are four to five assignments. Everyone submits his or her best – unprocessed – photo for each assignment.

To conclude, everyone’s best photos in the group are discussed. This way everyone gets feedback about the work done. May the best image win!


The marathon is based upon a previously agreed upon theme. This can be a specific theme such as landscape or portrait; or more abstract such as healthy aging or environment. For example, the emphasis can be placed on specific photo techniques or, for example, the company mission.


| Introduction program and theme
| Photography workshop technique and composition
| Inspirational lecture a photographer
| Photography contest
| Work discussion
The level of the Photomarathon is adjusted to the group, from entry level to semi-professional level.


The Photomarathon lasts a whole day; we can always discuss making the programme shorter. The marathon is situated at the Biotope in Haren or on location (ask for the conditions). We can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants. Every participant works with their own camera. Photos are digitally uploaded for the final work discussion.

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The Photomarathon is made to match. You decide where and when. Ideal as a practical day for training or a creative company outing; at yours or ours!


Marion Verwey Photographer

A social animal, Marion loves taking photographs just as much as talking about them. She works both in the studio and outdoors to make free work. As the chairman of photo club Trefshot, she is well aware of the goings on of the field.

Dennis Lapré Fotograaf

Dennis goes for the personal angle. He works in the studio a lot, or invests his time doing documentry work. Being an experienced educator, he is suitable for all different levels of experience, from students to professional photographers. He has worked for the Fotoacademie; momentarily he works with Alfacollege and he offers photography courses.

Joost Nuijten Fotograaf

Joost is active both in front and behind the lens. A a photographer he prefers doing documentry work; as a workshop leader or tour guide, he focuses on the working methods of the photographer. Thanks to a background in app development, feel free to geek out with Joost on the now and wow in technology.

Sebastiaan Rodenhuis Fotograaf

Sebastiaan is the youngest of the team. Being a talented photographer, he can be found roaming the streets to shoot beautiful still images. He was on the 2019 GUP 100 Dutch Talent list and he is currently exhibiting his work at Noorderlicht studio in Groningen. Love photo editing? Sebastiaan is your man!

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