Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not with us? In this track, we combine new blood with old knowledge and together we’ll build the future!


Without our volunteers, there's no exhibition! Get to know the heroes behind the scenes or join the team!

Talent Trajectory

Try one of our talent trajectory teams: photography, spatial design or journalism. Meet the talents that made our exhibitions happen below.

Young Makers

Fresh faces, fresh views. 'Jonge Makers' shed their light on current topics.


Dennis Lapré Coach photography

Dennis can show you how to move within the world op photography. He considers NFP a second home and has contributed as a tour guide, coach and workshop leader the past few years. A photography veteran, he has the knowledge. And the power.

Dries Verbeke Coach design

As a man without a plan, Dries can make anything materialize out of thin air. As our very own master builder, he gets the job done the way only an artist can. Watch out for the throne-masterpiece in the exhibition space!

Bert Donker Talent Coach

Renowned for epic evaluations and effective brainstorms, Bert watches over the educational components of the organization. With a background in psychology, training and stress management he keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Andrea Hooymans Coach

Our creative jack-of-all-trades believes art can change the world. With images and words, she fights for the NFP community and an engaging photo festival. Goal; world domination, of course.


William Zijlstra Talent Journalism

Ayla Elzinga Talent Journalism

Bas Baas Coach Journalism

Ilenia Trevisin Talent Photography

Marion Stoffels Talent Photography

René de Boer Talent Photography

Ingeborg Veldman Talent Photography

Tessa Runau Talent Photography

Abby Kube Talent Photography

Sebastiaan Rodenhuis Talent Photography

Dennis Lapré Coach Photography

Bert Donker Coach Talent

Nikky Slesarova Talent Design

Dries Verbeke Coach Design


Talent Photography World Press Photo 2019

Talent Spatial design World Press Photo 2019

Talent Spatial design Zilveren Camera 2019

Talent Journalism World Press Photo 2019

Talent Photography Zilveren Camera 2019

Talent Journalism Zilveren Camera 2019

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